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Before submitting a file for quoting you should understand a little more about 3D Printing. Small intricate parts and details are harder to print. The smaller the details; the smaller the tip size we must use. Each tip size we must go down to doubles the printing time, making the print more expensive. Even at the smallest tip size, T10 (.050 of an inch), has a hard time bringing out very small, thin details.

Pricing for 3D printing depends on these things:

-Type of material you want for your part. Look at our FDM Material page to see what we print.

-Geometry of the part

-Volume of material to print part

-Time printing on the machine (can vary because of size of part or tip size used)

-How many parts you want to print

-The quality of your CAD file

-Necessary repairs to your file if needed

All of these need to be evaluated before quoting.  For a fast quote, drop your STL file and enter your information down below.

We do not design parts to be printed. We only print pre-existing STL (Stereolithography) files of parts you would like printed.

Please go over materials on the materials page before entering the type of material you might like to use.

Any files sent to us are confidential and will not be shared or replicated with or for anyone but you.