FDM Materials

-ABS-M30 is a fairly durable plastic that is ideal for functional prototypes, models, jigs, fixtures, tooling and production parts.

-ASA is a durable plastic that can withstand UV light. This is good for prototypes that need to endure the outdoors. Some examples are electrical boxes, automotive prototyping and sporting goods.

-PC 10 or Polycarbonate has a high tensile strength and a high flex strength. It is also ideal for tooling and fixtures as well as patterns for metal bending and composite work.

-Nylon 12 is very durable with high impact resistance, which is good for repetitive snap fits and friction fit-fixtures. Ideal for jigs, fixtures, interior paneling, low heat air intake components and housing for impact sensitive components.

-Ultem 9085 has a very  high tensile strength, high heat and smoke resistance. Applications include manufacturing tooling, end use interior aircraft components and duct work.

-Ultem 1010 has the highest chemical resistance, heat resistance and tensile strength of all of the thermoplastics. The certified grade of this material is biocompatible and approved for food contact with NSF 51 and ISO 10993/USP Class VI certifications. Ideal for medical tools like surgical guides, build temperature resistant dies, patterns and fixtures for food production, out-of-cabin aerospace components, and under the hood automotive components.

There is a variety of other materials available as well as different colors. We can order these for larger production jobs.